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Rink has been a commercial fisherman for over 25 years and wanted a solution for when his live bait died or wasn’t available. We all know live bait is great, but it can be time consuming to fish for and a hassle to keep alive. Rink often found himself fishing with dead bait and knew without a lively swimming fish on the end of his line, his odds of coming home successful went way down. He wanted a way to make dead bait look alive again so the journey began.


Rink brought the idea to a family friend, Matthew who was an electrical engineer. Still needing someone who could actually design and build the lure, they brought in Jessy, a mechanical engineer friend and collaborator.  All three had the same itch to make something new and innovative in the fishing industry.

Tons of sketches, a 3D printer investment, a successful Kickstarter campaign, hundreds of prototypes and thousands of nighttime design hours went into bringing the Zombait lure to life.

Zombait is just the start! Revive Fishing, which grew out of these humble beginnings and this one simple idea, is today developing new products combining technology and fishing. Revive’s goal is to change how people fish with lures that are smarter, more effective, and more innovative than anything else out there. Stay tuned for what’s next!


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